Reed Protector

Reed Protector

Plain Black: This Chanter stock cover is used to protect the reed when you remove the chanter from your bagpipe after playing. By doing so the reed is protected and will not absorb moisture from the pipe bag when you are not playing. This enhances the life of the reed and makes set up time shorter when blowing down your pipes.

Deluxe Chanter Stock Cover - Just as the regular chanter stock cover, this one works in the same manor. The only difference in this one is the engraved design on the outside of the cylinder. Many pipers that play in either multiple pipe bands or play solo and band performances, have two or more pipe chanters in their pipe case. Having one cover different from the other helps in identifying each chanter as they can look very similar.

Chanter Stock Cover - Moisture Control - This is an inexpensive method to control the moisture in your reed when not playing. The cap comes with two compact sponges. Add water to one to provide moisture when not playing, or insert the dry sponge to absorb moisture. Replacement sponges available.